Salesforce and UPH Analytics
We understand speed to market and budget are top priorities when implementing new Salesforce Solutions. As a Salesforce partner, we help with your implementation of Salesforce and provide significant customization capabilities to create the right system for your business. We believe Salesforce is an extensible platform for the foundation of your technology solutions. Choosing a reliable and innovative partner is the first step in identifying the best Salesforce products and customizations needed to make a Salesforce Solution work for your business. Whether you are in the early stages of Salesforce evaluation or in the implementation phase, STS can provide a Salesforce evaluation at no cost to your organization.

Which cloud is right for your business?

Service Cloud

Strengthen customer engagement and give agents a holistic view of every customer, whether they’re in the call center or working remotely.

Sales Cloud

Connect your entire company and track a customer's journey from lead to opportunity to a closed sale and beyond.

Health Cloud

Blend clinical and outreach data into a single system for centralized patient, provider and therapy management and reporting.

Experience Cloud

Deliver personalized content to your clients and make it easier for them to access their data and take action.

What can we build for your business?